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This video is a reflective project for a class at the University of Michigan, Here is New York. It was a month long intensive where we lived in Brooklyn, worked short-term part time internships, attended arts and performance events, had workshops and Q & A’s with local artists, and created a reflective video project. Going to New York City for the first time presented its challenges for me as an introvert; being mostly the anxiety of having so many people around who are more accustomed to their kind of interaction. Watch my phone guide me through the experience of New York City as an introvert, from preparation for interaction to public transit, to dealing with tourists and having fun.

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Backyard Summer

Meant to capture the essence of summer’s stillness and activity, this short experimental video was done in a very short time frame. I took my camera and dog out back to shoot for a little while this afternoon, and just finished editing. Music by Delicate Steve.

Some days I get just bored enough to make a short music video in my backyard. 

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